Calories In Rice And The Nutritional Benefits Of Brown And White Rice

One of the most widely consumed cereals in the world is rice. The great thing about rice is that it grows in most parts of the world and this makes it very popular around the world. Technically, rice falls under the grass family and this is why it is possible to have varieties of wild rice in some places. Rice has two basic forms. These are the brown rice and the white rice. Brown rice is rice is its unpolished state.

White rice is the processed and polished form of the cereal and it is the more popular type of rice. This is probably because most people find white rice more palatable than brown rice. The thing is that both white and brown rice have great nutritional benefits and there is not much difference between the white and the brown varieties of rice.   How many calories does rice contain? Here is the calorie content of both brown and white rice: One cup of brown rice contains 218 calories while the same cup of white rice contains 242 calories.

Detailed nutritional benefits of rice:

Carbohydrates: Most of the calories in rice come from carbohydrates but the good thing is that this is a very safe form of carbohydrate. Brown rice contains about 46 grams of carbohydrates while the same cup of white rice contains 53 grams.   Protein: Generally rice contains very small quantities of protein and both brown and white rice have just about 4.5 grams of protein.

Fat: A cup of white rice contains just 0.4 grams of fat. A cup of brown rice contains 1.6 grams of fat.

Vitamins: Generally, rice contains very high quantities of vitamin B. Specifically; rice contains thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid and folate and this applies to both white and brown rice.

Minerals: Rice contains very high quantities of certain minerals and these include manganese, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, iron and selenium.


Other Benefits of rice: A lot of people may underestimate rice this wonderful cereal but the truth is that rice is great for you and it is truly a very safe source of energy. Among other benefits, rice provides fuel for the body and it aids in normal functioning of the brain. Rice is low in sodium so it is great for people who have high blood pressure. It is also cholesterol-free and contains very low fat so this makes it very safe for most people.

Other great benefits of rice include the fact that it has protective qualities too. Whole grain rice is rich in fiber and this helps to protect people from certain forms of cancer. Again, brown rice contains very high levels of neurotransmitter nutrients. These nutrients prevent Alzheimer’s disease and help to slow down macular degeneration. Rice also contains starch and this aids bowel movement and encourages the growth of useful bacteria. Finally, rice bran oil has antioxidant properties. This oil promotes cardiovascular strength and fights cholesterol in the body.

As stated already, rice is a great cereal. It is nourishing and it is safe. More to the point, it has great protective qualities and this is why it is so popular around the world.