Number Of Calories In A Peach

Fresh peaches may have whitish or yellowish flesh and they have a sweet aroma and taste. Peaches are normally used in a number of desserts. Peaches grow in different varieties all around the world and they come in different colors. Fresh raw peaches are widely available during summer; they are fleshy and have fuzzy skin. Technically, they are drupes because they carry a lot of features found in almonds, plums and nectarines, which are all members of the genus prunus persica. Because of the low calories in a peach, it is a favorite among dieters.

Nutritional value – Apart from the taste, which so many people have gotten fond of, peaches provide a variety of valuable nutrients to the body. They do not contain cholesterol or sodium, which are not particularly healthy to the human body; instead they have high levels of potassium, vitamin C and dietary fiber.

How many calories in a peach?

 Here is the calorie content:

A small peach contains 31 calories (2 ¼ inch diameter)

A medium peach contains 38 calories (2 ½ inch diameter)

A large peach contains between 61 and 68 calories (2 ¾ inch diameter)

An extra-large peach contains 87 calories (3 inch diameter)

Fresh peach contains a high concentration of nutrients. If for some reason you prefer canned peaches, here is a breakdown of their calories:

250gm / 136 cal

125 gm / 68 cal

100gm / 53 cal

30gm / 15 cal

If the peaches are canned in juice or some other liquid the calorie count would look like this:

245gm / 109 cal

100gm / 43 cal

30gm / 12 cal

Diced, frozen and sweetened peaches have a high calorie count when compared to canned types. 100gm diced peach contains 70 cal while 250 gm sliced or sweetened peach contains about 235 cal. The calorie count changes when peaches are frozen or if they are unsweetened; basically, the calorie count goes down.

If you like to snack in between meals, then fresh fruit would be much healthier than processed foods and it will not cause you to put on weight. Your body gains at least 10 different vitamins and a number of antioxidants when you eat a fresh peach.

Peaches generally contain low amounts of calories and saturated fats but they do contain a variety of healthy nutrients. Among the valuable health benefits found in peaches are antioxidants, which measures 1814 TE, and specifically vitamin C which is vital in keeping the body resistant to infections.

Minerals – Apart from essential vitamins, peaches also contain valuable minerals without which, the body would not be able to perform some normal functions. Some of the minerals are iron, potassium, calcium and fluoride. Potassium works to keep the body’s fluids regulated and the heart rate normal, while calcium and fluoride strengthen the bones.

Some flavanoid antioxidants not found in many fruits are also contained in peaches. The likes of lutein and ß-cryptoxanthin are all contained in raw peaches. The number of calories in a peach fluctuates so in order to ensure you are getting only the best from this fruit, try to eat it when it is still fresh.